“You are far and away the best actress of the models on clips4sale.”

"You are far and away the best actress of the models on clips4sale."

Mousy Girl’s Biggest Dream Comes True When She Turns Superheroine


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6 October 2014

My life is miserable. Everyone picks on me. I don’t know why I even leave my house everyday. It’s not worth the job! I wish I could just stay home… I wish… At least I have my comics. They get me by when the rest of the world brings me down. All I have to do is get lost in a story, just wait while all my worries wash away.

And the superheroines… WOW. They’re so beautiful, so powerful. They have it all. Anything they want. Just to have that kind of confidence… I mean, everyone would respect me if I could just stand that tall or have that look in my eye like I can have everything I want. If only… whoa. What’s that? It totally looked like that shiny little ring fell right out of my comic! Cool… it even fits.

Whoa, wait! I just… where did these new clothes come from?? Am I dreaming?? Oh my gosh, I’m wearing the same outfit as my favorite comic book hero!! Where… but how?? Not a bad outfit but… it doesn’t even fit really well. I’m not built for it. I can’t even walk in these high-heeled boots. It’s cool, but it’s just not me.

I’m not like them… and I don’t feel very well either. I’m just going to lie down and… OUCH! What was that? Some sharp pain and… OUCH! What’s happening to me?? I… wow… I have perky boobs! And… I look so slim… and tall! Oh, my gosh, I know how to sway my hips in high heels now.

Look at me!! I’m… changing… and… I don’t even need these glasses anymore… I’m… so beautiful! I feel so powerful!!