"You obviously work very hard and the result is simply amazing! Thank you for everything you do."

Transformed from a Social Reject to a Brainless Pageant Contestant


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20 December 2022

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Oh gosh, oh gosh! Am I really here?! I’m on stage! So may people are watching me… I have my own AUDIENCE! Hello, everyone!! I’m… I’m so honored to be here. I’ve never been in a beauty pageant before… this is my dream come true! hee hee hee

(One moment, I was reading a beauty spell from one of my grandmother’s books and the next, I’m in the mist of a beauty contest in a glamorous gown with silky blonde locks and huge tits!) I can’t believe it… I… oh, I’m supposed to answer some questions now?

What’s next then? The swimsuit competition? Are g-strings allowed? Oh, I’m going to flaunt this new body ALL OVER the stage!! I don’t care if I get kicked off or break all the rules; I just can’t stop showing off my new assets! hee hee hee!! Oh, just wait until you all see my “talent.” hee hee hee Vote for me, judges! Vote for ME!!