"The orgasm, by the way, was mind-blowing. I never felt myself pulse, throb, shudder, and buck like that it my life. It felt like it would go on forever and you were in total control of me."

Transformed from a Social Reject to a Brainless Pageant Contestant


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20 December 2022

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Oh gosh, oh gosh! Am I really here?! I’m on stage! So may people are watching me… I have my own AUDIENCE! Hello, everyone!! I’m… I’m so honored to be here. I’ve never been in a beauty pageant before… this is my dream come true! hee hee hee

(One moment, I was reading a beauty spell from one of my grandmother’s books and the next, I’m in the mist of a beauty contest in a glamorous gown with silky blonde locks and huge tits!) I can’t believe it… I… oh, I’m supposed to answer some questions now?

What’s next then? The swimsuit competition? Are g-strings allowed? Oh, I’m going to flaunt this new body ALL OVER the stage!! I don’t care if I get kicked off or break all the rules; I just can’t stop showing off my new assets! hee hee hee!! Oh, just wait until you all see my “talent.” hee hee hee Vote for me, judges! Vote for ME!!