“Your videos are epic. You can tell some real thought has gone into making them, and they’re so fucking hot.”

"Your videos are epic. You can tell some real thought has gone into making them, and they're so fucking hot."

Once in a Full Moon


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14 February 2019

You’re so blown away by your luck.  You’ve just brought home an unbelievably sexy girl.  She’s teasing you… telling you you’ll never forget this night.  She’s showing off all her assets, all her luscious, womanly curves.  She’s so excited by how aroused you are, and you’re LOVING these moments.  But all of a sudden… when she’s sweetly coaxing you and giggling enticingly, she… what was that??  A snort?!

No, she’s trying to cover it up, still egging you on, talking up your cock, eager to seduce you, and… she’s stammering!!  She’s actually turning you off!  She realizes you’ve noticed she’s changing… and she’s freaking out.  Her curves are disappearing, her stockings sliding off her now shapeless legs.  She can’t even walk in her sexy high heels anymore.  She’s stumbling, stuttering, growing uglier, and… is she actually your hideous neighbor with the big crush on you who you’ve rejected over a hundred times?!

She’s groveling at your feet now, begging for your sympathy, just not wanting to leave as you tell her to.  She’s muttering about the moon, about being bitten… about how she turns into a sexpot on nights like this.  You laugh in her face and demand she leaves.  Then, it happens… she cries out in pain and clutches her stomach.

She falls to the floor, and you ask if she needs to go to the hospital.  “No,” she says with a smile.  “It’s happening!”  She begs you to stand there and watch every second as she changes again before your eyes… winning you over again with her incredible body and the feel of her hot, wet pussy enveloping your outrageously hard cock…