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If You Take My Women’s Studies Class, You WILL Learn to Respect Women


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6 September 2018

What’s this?  Are you daring to not pay attention in my very important class?  Did you even read the required material?  Oh, I know your type… you signed up for Women’s Studies, hoping to be the only man in class and thinking it’d be an easy A AND an easy lay!  No, I will not tolerate such poor participation and ill intentions in my class.

This time, you are going to learn real respect for women.  You’re going to be taught a lesson in front of the entire female class.  I know you’re going to do everything I dictate because all of these women are watching you… and you already have an erection we’re going to have to exploit.  You’re not going to be let off easy at all.

Let’s start by demonstrating for your classmates what real respect and obedience means.  Pay homage to our gender by kneeling to kiss my feet… and then, we’ll allow you to show off your “masculinity” for a real lesson in gender differences and stereotypes.  This will be a lesson you’ll never forget.