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Teacher Catches You Playing with Yourself in Her Class


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13 October 2009

Now, do you know why I asked you to stay after class this afternoon? I want you to explain that to me. Okay then, I’ll tell you then. I know what you were doing during my class today – yes, I saw you! – and you must be punished for being so disrespectful in my classroom. You were playing with yourself under your desk!

Now, why did you think that was appropriate to do in front of your teacher? That’s right. It’s not. Now, I’ve thought long and hard about the appropriate punishment for you, and I’m going to demonstrate what it feels like to be disrespected like that. You’re going to play with yourself again – this time, under my instruction – and you’re going to finish what you started earlier. Yes, right in front of your teacher, right here next to my desk.

You better be quick… you mustn’t be late to your next class or I’ll have to write a note for your teacher explaining just what you were doing. Now, pull down your pants and your underwear. Right now! Do you want me to send you straight to the principal, young man?!

Now, play with yourself right here while I watch you carefully, and I want you to practice looking me straight in the eye. Not at my legs, not trying to catch a peek up my skirt, and not looking down my blouse!