“I do love your stories and the way you present them, first rate!”

"I do love your stories and the way you present them, first rate!"

Teacher Issues an Impromptu Lesson in Ball Aching Pain


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22 September 2014

Is everyone paying attention to my lessons? All the girls in my class? Each one of you boys? Even as I sit atop my desk with my crossed legs exposed in front of you? Good then. I see what effect the sight is having on you boys. Don’t think I can’t tell what’s going on here. I think this is an excellent opportunity.

I think this is the perfect time to change up the lesson plan a bit. There’s something very important I want to educate you about. It’s time that you learn exactly what real life entails. Girls… listen carefully. I’m going to explain the effect certain things have on men… like all the boys here visibly affected by my pantyhosed legs crossing and uncrossing right next to their noses. I’m going to teach you, young ladies, just how to knee a man in the balls.

I’m going to start off by demonstrating myself, I want you all to practice with me, and do notice that this technique can be used no matter what you’re wearing… even in a skirt. Knees up high and strong!

But you… you, squirmy boy in the front row… you’re still visibly aroused! Why is that?! Do you like the idea of your nuts being mashed with a hard, strong knee between the legs?! I think your balls need to be crushed by my own knee. Stand up. Right here in front of the class…