"You are on the way to breaking the internet. You have broken my ability to think about anything other than you several times."

Stern School Teacher Catches You Staring at Her Feet and Calls You Out in Class


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28 May 2011

Is everyone paying attention in class? Ah… I think we have someone distracted from his lesson in the front row. Hello? Hello!! Just what are you doing? We’re all looking at you now, boy.

Were you staring at my feet instead of listening to what I was discussing with the class?? Do you have a thing for feet? Did you hear that, everyone? The mister here in the front row has a thing for teacher’s feet!

Now, kneel down on the ground! I’m going to have to teach you a lesson in front of EVERYONE! Now, smell teacher’s feet! Admit that you love to smell feet! Tell EVERYONE!

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