“I never had fantasies until I found you.”

"I never had fantasies until I found you."

“Super Mega Man” Solution Turns Out to Be the Perfect Formula for Your Feminization


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2 January 2015

You couldn’t help yourself. You just had to volunteer yourself to try the newly created Super Mega Man formula for growing taller, bigger muscles, and stronger. The female scientist who developed the formula revealed, just before you committed yourself to the experiment, that you were the guinea pig, the first one to try the new formula.

You took it home, encouraged your sexy girlfriend to be just as excited about the expected changes as you (why wouldn’t she want a more masculine man with a bigger dick?), swallowed down the solution in front of her and… passed out.

You woke up hours later in your bed with a very worried girlfriend hovering above you. Then, she started noticing the changes… your hair seemed longer… you seemed trimmer… and after standing yourself up again, you both realized you were SHORTER: breast-level with your lovely girlfriend. Not a bad thing but… you kept shrinking… to a perfect, girly height… as your hair continued to grow longer and softer, your body developed curves, your voice grew higher pitched, and… your girlfriend herself began to get jealous of your womanly appearance. Bigger tits than hers? That’s totally not fair!

Both of you desperate to confirm you were still your old self, your girlfriend tried to dress you in your old clothes, finding none of them to fit. And… you were definitely in need of a bra. As your girlfriend dressed you, confirmed you were becoming more and more feminine by the second, she decided she just couldn’t, wouldn’t, stay by the side of a man who was no longer a man.