“I think it’s really chill that you write back to fans. It shows how real and down to earth you are.”

"I think it's really chill that you write back to fans. It shows how real and down to earth you are."

Transforming You into My Sweet, Short, Pantiless Maid


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26 September 2012

So glad to see you home, darling… would you like me to fix you a nice, relaxing drink? No, I haven’t been shirking my responsibilities around the home. I wouldn’t dare show any lack of appreciation for everything my rich, strong, and powerful boyfriend does for me. Why don’t you just enjoy this nice, cool drink? Go ahead. Drink it ALL down.

How do you feel? Better? Why, honey… you seem to be changing a bit? No, more than a new haircut, more like… you’re transforming into a WOMAN!! I can’t believe it’s actually happening! I mean, I did spike your drink with a special formula… I WAS wishing but… I can’t believe it works! Why, now that you’re changing shape, gaining curves all over, and budding breasts, I think this push-up bra I bought for you earlier should suit you just fine.

In fact, I happen to have a hot little maid’s uniform with a VERY short skirt for you to wear as well. What’s that? Oh, don’t you realize that you HAVE to do everything I say now? You’re SHORTER than I am, weaker, and… well, you don’t have any paperwork matching your new identity. So, if you don’t carry out EVERY humiliating task I ever issue you, I’ll have you deported!!

No, no, you’re not allowed to wear any panties either. I want you to feel TRULY submissive and completely vulnerable. You’re now trapped in a sexy female body… and if I feed you more of this drink potion, I imagine you’ll turn into a true bimbo!!