"Others may have hot bodies and great faces, but to be sexy to a blind guy takes something very special; you've got it in spades."

Exploring My Super Orgasmic Abilities


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24 February 2017

I love answering calls for help. I love saving lives and… exercising my immense power and showing off my super body. After a night of making use of my immense power, I found myself totally nude in public. Those bombs can be dangerous to a super babe’s outfit! That was SUCH a turn on. I had a new appreciation for my super sexy, more powerful body. I just wanted to… to touch it.

I came home horny with heightened arousal that I just couldn’t satiate. As soon as I touched myself, I felt electric! And with my ability to just go and go and go forever… well, why should I ever stop??? Next thing I knew, I’d spent three years speeding through orgasm after orgasm!!