"The length of the clips is great! They allow the story¬Ě to be told and us to get worked up! Nothing worse than clip that is only a few minutes long - you can't get involved, so what's the point!"

Suck It, Savor It, Swallow It All Down


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3 October 2019

I want you to truly SAVOR it. That’s right. You’re going to savor this experience with me, really dwell on it, really drive yourself CRAZY with anticipation. You’re going to be so hot for it… lying there, jerking your cock, drawing yourself up so close to your own mouth.

You’re really going to focus – with me – and memorize every moment. You’re going to be ACHING for it, hanging on every sensation, and desiring that sweet, in-your-own-mouth swallow like you never have before!