"The long kiss on the bed melted me, you are a wonderful actor, it felt so real, so awkward, then so passionate with the kiss, and to think you film and act most of this all by yourself ...wow."

Persuading You to Drink Your Semen Stash to Fuel My Desire


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16 August 2022

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

You’ve saved up months of cum from your lone jerk off sessions for me… an amount greater than I have EVER seen! And when you tell me over online chat that you actually aren’t coming home from your business trip tonight and I won’t get to taste all that juicy cum myself, I beg you to fulfill my own desires by doing with it exactly as I had planned to.

Just seeing that hot load, that crazy-full container, gets me so turned on. I’m touching myself, teasing you over the cam, and getting so sticky wet myself! I just want to play and suck and swallow… but you’re going to have to do it for me. Please, please, please enjoy all that sexy sticky cum for me! And you better follow my wishes to see you make one steamy fresh load just to top off your mid-jerk meal!