"I bought the video with HIGH expectations. You exceeded them. In a word, PERFECTION."

Time for You to Shape Up and Learn Who’s Boss


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12 March 2009

I’m so disappointed in you. More so, I’m angry with you. I went out on a limb for you, deciding to go ahead and hire you to work in my all-female legal office. I’ve since heard horrible reports from the women in the office regarding your sexually harassing behavior.

You’re completely out of line, and it’s time that you learned who’s actually boss around here and what behavior is expected of you. And I always thought you were too shy to even attempt staring at the lovely female asses and legs all around you. Oh, you’re embarrassed now? Well, if you want to remain at this office and prove you have only good intentions and will demonstrate improved performance and behavior in the future, you better do exactly as I say.

Now, unbuckle your belt and pull down your pants. Yes, you heard me correctly…