"The way you can tease and pleasure a man to the extent that even he (I) couldn't even imagine is everything I have been searching for."

Interviewing You for a Nude Male Model Position under Severe Scrutinization


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26 July 2011

Ahem. So, you’re here for the male modeling position? Are you SURE you’re up to the task? I want to first make sure you understand exactly what this opportunity will entail for you.

Do you understand that you would be hired as a NUDE male model? That you would be required to leave your clothes here in our office before traveling to each event’s location and appearing there totally nude before large groups of women who are fully dressed? Do you understand that you will be the only one nude in the room?? Do you realize that you will be stared at, the object of attention, asked to pose and move your body as required by these women, our customers, and even required to serve them drinks and deliver foot massages on your breaks? You will never be permitted to dress or appear clothed before them.

Now, what size is your, um, penis? Please remove all of your clothes; I must measure your member to verify that you are at least average in size. You see, we’ve had previous employees show up at their assigned gigs, only to severely disappoint our clients by their lack in size. They were so uncomfortable, so distastefully commented upon, that they ran from the event and were never seen or heard from again. Now, do you think you can handle that kind of pressure?

Remove your clothes for me now… (and I wouldn’t be surprised if you ARE too small and actually turned on by a fully clothed women staring at you… enough to come right in my office!)