“Thank you, Tara, you beautiful sexy goddess for making my fantasies a reality.”

"Thank you, Tara, you beautiful sexy goddess for making my fantasies a reality."

Sorely Disappointed by Your Inadequate Member


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28 September 2011

Mmmm… I can’t wait to get a piece of that bod!! I’ve been DYING to undress you all night. You look so tight, hard, and beefy! I’m so glad you wanted to bring me home… let’s get it on! We can make out for a bit but you know I’m going to be VERY eager. I’ll rush things along, tease you with my titty top and tight jeans and encourage you to undress before me despite any hesitation you might have. Go ahead, drop those drawers as well!

Whoa, wait a minute, my mood’s suddenly changed. But I invited you here…and maybe I can get SOME sort of satisfaction. I don’t have to pay you any attention more though; I just lost all interest. Maybe you won’t noticed my bored stares at the ceiling or distraction during sex.

I’ll sarcastically tell you how big your member is and then… what?!?! You’re DONE already! That was it?!?!? No, that’s not right! I’ll have you know you have the SMALLEST dick I’ve ever seen! It’s totally pathetic. Ha ha ha!!! I felt NOTHING!

I can’t believe I just wasted my time with you. Now, you’re going to LEAVE and I’m going to learn to second guess every man before I invite him for a night cap!