"You probably get this alot... your videos are great! Your creative spirit in your videos really gets across to the watcher, and that takes skill!"

Your Brothel Visit Turns Humiliating When Your Small Dick Can’t Perform


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13 April 2010

Seriously, I just don’t know what to do with that thing. I mean, I have NEVER seen a penis so small!! You can’t expect to be able to fuck with that thing! Seriously?

Look… I’ve done all I can for you. I’ve already gone down on you, and your little dicky just fell right back out of my mouth! I had you lay down on top of me, and I couldn’t even feel your tiny penis inside of me! I tried doggie style and you just couldn’t get it in. Seriously, what am I supposed to do? We’ve done EVERYTHING!

I’m just going to have to give you your money back…. and laugh you all the way out the door!!! ha ha ha ha ha!!