“Your looks and attitude are second to none.”

"Your looks and attitude are second to none."

If You Could Have Anything for Your Birthday, Anything at All


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6 July 2021


Now, your dad and I have lots of fun stuff planned for you, of course. And… what would you like for breakfast? I can cook you up something, bring it to you in bed?

And… dare I ask… if you could have ANYTHING for your birthday, what would it be? Because your dad and I might’ve already….

What’s that? Last night? Dad and I last night, in the kitchen? Why, I don’t remember anything that… OH.

You… you heard us? YOU SAW? And you want… well, we were just playing, it was all a big joke. Yes, I was his “secretary” and he was the “boss.” ha haa And… that’s what you want for your birthday?

Well, I guess I can dress up for you… and then we can just go down to breakfast, right? What a strange request…

No? No, you want… you want… more?