"I just wanted to let you know that you are simply the BEST at what you do. It's like you've read my mind and are delivering EXACTLY the kind of fantasy I was wishing for."

Sexy She-Devil Returns Your Stolen Soul


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17 October 2019

Upon your summoning, I appear before your very eyes in all my sexy-evil splendor… and for what purpose?  Just for you to beg for me to return your dirty little soul to you?  Just why in the world should I give it back??

You knew what you were in for when you gave up your very soul to begin with… but you men only think with your cocks!  Ha ha!!  I don’t care if you’re all alone, you lost your job, you’re about to lose your home, and you can’t even get it up anymore…  What will you give me in return for your dearly missed soul?  You can’t name anything that’s of value to me.

The truth is… your soul is WORTHLESS.  That’s right.  It’s rotten anyway.  You can’t be redeemed just by having it back, you know.  No woman will ever desire you anyway, and you’ll still be destined to join ME in you-know-where when your miserable life finally ends.

Okay… okay.  Stop begging, and I’ll return your soul to you if you do just one thing for me: kiss my lovely ass.  Yes, just plant your sad little lips on my curvy, sexy cheeks as I lift up my skirt for you and…  ha ha ha!!!!  Now, you can have your soul AND MY SOLES!!!  You’re going to live out the rest of your existence as a pair of pantyhose!!!