“You made me feel very special with your email. Thank you!”

"You made me feel very special with your email. Thank you!"

The Devil without Disguise Visits Your Naughty Fantasies


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31 July 2015

What… what was that?? Did you hear something? No, can’t be. You’re just alone in your bedroom and, for some reason, having a restless night’s sleep. You keep hearing things… or feeling something? Waking and drifting off again until… did you see something?? No, can’t be… until SHE appears. Right there on the bed next to you, as if she’s always been there, as if she owns the place.

You can’t move. You’re stunned. You feel frightened… but why? She’s slinking over you, straddling you, barely saying a word, until she breaths hotly over your trembling body and whispers her identity. No horns, no pitchfork, no tail. She’s laughing at your idea of what she should look like. This is the devil herself… appearing AS herself… nothing more (you wouldn’t survive it anyway) and nothing less.

Why is she here? You were sifting through dirty thoughts in your sleep. Your bedroom air was littered with filthy fantasies. You practically begged the devil herself to visit. You dreamt her calling card. Now, she’s here, and she’s going to take what she wants… her reward… your orgasm… and maybe, your very soul.