"This is one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen! Your voice, your pantyhosed legs, and your gentle movements had me completely entranced and under your spell. You are incredibly beautiful and talented!"

Seeking Assistance for your Weakness for Women and Getting More than Bargained For


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13 September 2013

This is a situation with dire consequences, you know. I take my responsibility entirely seriously. I know that you’ve come to me at your worst moment, in need of immediate assistance when it seems that nothing can relieve your anxiety and alleviate all the symptoms you’re faced with each and every day.

I want you to feel reassured that you’ve come to the right place, to the appropriate therapy for exactly the right mode of treatment. I will do all that’s in my power to control… I mean… all of my professional experience to help you overcome your weakness for the female body itself.

Let’s begin with an assessment of what it is about the female form and the presence of a very beautiful woman that affects you so greatly….