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Seeking Help for Your Weakness for Women Renders You Completely Helpless


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17 January 2010

Come on in… You’re the film director, am I correct? And you’re having trouble with the film actresses working for you? I have helped many learn to be much more assertive and eschew any timid or submissive tendencies. My powers of suggestion are quite remarkable. I will do what I can to ensure those actresses no longer laugh at your directions for them.

Now, that you’ve taken a seat, I can already tell why you’ve come to me. You’ve barely uttered a word, there’s a blush on your cheeks, and I think you might actually be trembling! You haven’t even taken your eyes off my sexy legs in sheer black pantyhose. Has my presence intimidated you that much already?

I hardly need to assess what your issues are… why, I think you’re already completely lost in me. I’m your whole world right now, aren’t I! My, my, my… what are we ever going to do with you? Let’s find out just how submissive you are before a powerful, beautiful woman. Get down on your hands and knees on the floor right now!

Watching me rub my sexy legs? Feel more comfortable down by my feet? Now, look up at me… I see that the bulge in your pants grows larger with every move I make. I’m going to take you to the edge and make you come right in your pants!

No use trying not to look at me; you just can’t help yourself. You’re completely in my control… and if my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me, I’d say that you’re actually shrinking smaller and smaller and…. Oh, I have BIG plans for YOU, my little PET!!