"You are really talented. I feel like you are talking directly to me and that you understand my physical preferences and desires."

Do You Prefer Dr. Jeckyll or Ms. Hyde?


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10 May 2018

You’ve secretly had a crush on your lab partner for quite a while.  In the midst of a project, you steal a moment to confess your feelings… and your intentions.  Flustered, inexperienced, and undeniably geeky, your colleague hardly knows how to take a compliment… even when she really, really wants to.  You have no idea what’s come over her when she runs out of the lab.

You think you’ve scared her off completely, but what you don’t know is that she’s been working on a project of her own: a formula she’s experimented with on occasion and realizes is the perfect boost she needs to take advantage of your advances.  In secret, she’s downing her new formula, transforming herself, enacting changes to her very own feminine body.  She’s growing in sexual appeal, prowess, and desire.  She’s developing an appetite for YOU.

She soon returns, almost entirely unrecognizable.  Gone are the glasses, lack of confidence, and awkwardness.  This woman, this “Ms. Hyde” as she calls herself, is almost a sexual PREDATOR.  Is she everything you wanted or perhaps, much too much for you?