“You have a great talent for role playing!”

"You have a great talent for role playing!"

Your Wife’s Sis Calculatingly Teases You to Cheating Step by Step


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22 August 2017

I’m your wife’s sis… you’re not supposed to look at me like that.  You’re not supposed to see me in that way.  When I catch you looking at my body, catching glimpses of my curves and amazing cleavage, I have to confront you.  And when I hear how you and my sis haven’t had sex in so long AND she threw away all your jerk off material, well, I just can’t help but feel sorry for you.  You’re feeling all sexually frustrated, all pent up and ignored.  I can understand that.

We’re family, right?  So, what’s wrong with me offering to just “be” your porn for the moment?  What if I just put on a silly little striptease show?  No harm in that, right?  I’ll leave my bra and panties on if it makes you feel more comfortable.  That wouldn’t be cheating at all.  It’s just like watching porn… and what you dod with your cock while watching is your business.  Oh, but I can tell it’s been a LONG time since you’ve jerked off.  I mean, I could do a better job for you.  Would you like me to help?

It’s just my hand.  It’s barely anything different than you jerking it yourself, right?  And it’ll feel much better if I do it for you.  Imagine what it would feel like if I used my tits…  Yes, what’s really the difference between a hand and tits?  It’s just skin; they’re just body parts.  Oh, you’ll come so much harder if I jerk you between my breasts.  Let me just slip my bra off… oh, did I just accidentally take you in my mouth??  Well, you were just right in front of my face.  No harm in that.

So what if I let you dip between my lips on every stroke into my cleavage?  I might as well just take you all into my mouth and start sucking you… same thing really.  But when I ask if we can fuck, you actually hesitate!  That’s not right!  I mean, it’s mean to not give ME pleasure when I’ve just given you so much.

It’s okay… I won’t let you come inside me.  That’s not cheating.  I just want to ride you… I can’t help it if I keep bouncing after I come… I’m on the pill after all.  It can’t hurt if you come inside… PLEASE come inside me… PLEASE pump all your sexy seed deep inside my pussy!!!  Yes, yes, YES!!!  This will be our little secret…