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Surprise! Your StepMom IS Tara Tainton!


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21 July 2017

Don’t you think it’s time that we just sit down and talk a bit?  Don’t you think we should get to know each other better now that I’ve married your father and am part of the family now?  It feels like you… well, that you just don’t like me for some reason.  What is it… that you’re suspicious about?  Or are you… jealous?  Of my attention from your father?  Of him having me in his own life?

I want you to feel comfortable around me… much like you are now that you’ve let me near you… now that my delicate fingers have garnered your attention and you’re watching the tiny circles and strokes they make on my shiny pantyhose… how they dance across my cleavage with the faintest touch… how they run down my thighs to… You’re very relaxed now, so calm.  You’re under my spell… the spell of a beautiful, intelligent woman.

You can’t take your eyes off my fingertips; you can’t focus on anything other than my voice.  I’m so very overtly suggestive… speaking right to your subconscious now.  You won’t remember a thing that happens while you’re under the spell of my own body… wanting it, waiting for it, yearning for it.  You’re growing hard, giving me your trust… and I’m about to confess to you who I really am, who it is that is now your very own stepmother.

You’ve seen me before, you’ve been drawn to me before… you hurry to my website when my voice directs you, and you hit that Tribute button without hesitation.  Every click makes you harder, every click brings my touch closer, ever click makes your orgasm imminent.  I’m baring all to you: my identity, my breasts, my intentions with your father… and you.  And you won’t remember anything after these moments together, but you WILL remember where to find my website and how GOOD sending a tribute to me makes you feel…

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