"Thank you so much for your academy award winning performances! You have enhanced my life by filming my secret garden fantasies and memories so perfectly!"

Playing with My Panties Again?! It’s Time to Teach You a Lesson


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26 May 2009

What… Wait a minute!! Are you doing it again?! I can’t believe you’re sitting there playing with my panties… I know what you’ve been doing, and it’s high time that I taught you a lesson.

You know, I hardly have any panties to wear – absolutely NONE of my sexy favorites! – because of your naughty little habit of sneaking them out of the dirty laundry basket before I can wash them and wear them again. I like my sexy little lace panties!!

Okay, I know what I have to do. I’m going to make sure you remember to respect my panties… and at least return them to the laundry basket after you’ve been playing with them. In fact, I have the most delicious pair of sexy panties on right now… and they smell so sweet and strong after wearing them all day. Oooh, what a hot day it is! Oh, yes, watch me peel them off and remove them from under my skirt just for YOU.

You’re going to enjoy these to the fullest, enjoying the view of my hot body and sexy bare naked pussy, following my every direction… even jerking off to my command as I tie them tightly around your balls! Oh, you’ll NEVER forget to respect my panties every again!