"You are my absolute favourite 'instructor'. I love the way you talk and love your voice. You also send a nonjudgement vibe which I like, some sort of kindness. That's what MOST of your colleague's lack."

Preparing You for Your Sympathy Comfort Date


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24 November 2009

Oh, now, why aren’t you dressed yet, honey? I told you I had a big surprise in store for you today, remember? You poor thing. You just can’t do a darn thing without your mommy, can you? Well, then, let’s get you all ready. Your mommy’s set up a comfort date for you tonight! That’s right. Are you all excited?

Now, it might seem humiliating to some to have a sympathy date pre-arranged for them when they’re all grown, but we know that you’re too scared to do anything on your own. Aren’t you! Yes, and we have to take extra special care of you to make you feel all safe and secure out in the big bad world and coddle you every single minute.

Now, don’t you worry. You’re going to have a lot of fun going out with mommy’s hot friend. It’s all arranged, you don’t have to worry about a thing. I just need to find you a pair of mommy’s dirty panties in this laundry basket to wear so you feel all secure all night without me there… Now, help mommy and tell me if my breasts look hot in this bra. I have my own hot date set up for tonight to get that manly attention I need.

Now, get down on your hands and knees so you can take care of mommy’s feet for her big date. Sniff them real good and make sure they’re all clean for mommy like a good boy. That’s it. Now, I’ll tell you more about your date; you go ahead and jerk off that little penis for mommy so it doesn’t get in the way of our plans for tonight. Go ahead now… That’s a good momma’s boy…