"Your work should but won't earn you the Nobel Peace Prize. You calm people the world over. "

Your Step Mom Humps Your Pillow to Teach You a Lesson


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15 July 2009

What in the world are you doing?! Are those my panties?! No wonder I’ve been missing some of my sexiest pairs! And your father hasn’t had the chance to see me in them… they’ve been missing right out of my panty drawer!

Oh, I know exactly what to do with you. I’ll help you get over that little bad habit of yours REAL FAST. Come with me… I said COME WITH ME! I’m going to drag you by the ear and pull you right into your bedroom.

Now, see that over there? Yes, that’s your FAVORITE pillow. Isn’t it! You seem to love the smell of my panties so much… how would you like to have to sleep next to that smell all night long? Yes, I’m going to make sure your favorite bed pillow is filled with my womanly scent. We’ll see how crazy about panties you are after having to smell the scent of them ALL NIGHT LONG!