"At this point, you could do a taboo scenario in space, and I’d still purchase it. Keep it up, Tara; you’re one of a kind."

You’ve Been Playing with My Panties! Now Do It in Front of Me


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12 May 2009

What is this?! Now, wait just one minute. I know I didn’t wear these lacey panties this week. Why are they in the dirty laundry basket? Ewwww… and they’re WET!

That naughty man of mine. He’s been sneaking around again and doing dirty things to my pretty panties! Oh, honey!! Won’t you come here for a minute? I have something for you…

I know EXACTLY what you were doing when I was out of the house this week. You dirty little panty lover! You really like my panties, don’t you. In fact, you’re getting hard just thinking about them and watching me swing them around in front of your face. You’re so naughty!

Now, you’re going to have to do something for me… Pull out that excited cock for me. I’m going to see just how hot you are for my little panties. I might even let you enjoy the damp little g-string I’m wearing right now…

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