"Wow! Tara really knows how to build excitement and really get the blood flowing. Nice teasing, POV, and full nudity w/ ample amounts of beautiful natural breasts. I haven't completed this hard in years."

You’ll Struggle All the Way to the End of This Video


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27 August 2019

The truth is… you can hardly last through my videos.  Presented with my amazing body, you turn to jelly and can’t help but spurt your load before you even get to the “good stuff.”  The trouble with you – and me as your temptress – is that you see the very sight of me, in any way at all, as the good stuff.

You can’t get enough… you can’t last long enough… and I do love teasing you.

So, let’s have some fun.  I promise it will be.

This time, I’m not going to let you jerk to me.  That’s right… not until I say so, not until I give you an itty bitty amount of time at the very last to tug your cock and perform for me.  I know you won’t let me down.

You’re going to be SO hard after all my dirty talk, teasing, showing more and more skin, and viewing my huge breasts close up and in every possible angle.  In fact, I think you’re about to pop right now before you even press PLAY!