"If there was an Oscar for Best Performance by a Stunningly Erotic Movie Star, they should give it to you, and then retire it."

The Blindfold Game


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27 January 2017

Want to play along with me? Isn’t that what you always come to me for?? Oh, you’re going to LOVE this new game! You’re going to be teased mercilessly while you’re treated to so many sexy outfits on and off this beautiful body. Oh, you’re not allowed to jerk while you look… or look while you jerk!

Have a blindfold handy or promise to close your eyes tightly… while I’m teasing you with every part of my body in each outfit, you’re not allowed to rub your cock. And when I change from one outfit to the next, you’re not allowed to look! Don’t peek… but I’ll tell you exactly what I’m stripping off, what I’m doing in front of you, and when I’m totally naked in between, all while the camera’s still rolling.

Don’t you dare peek! And at the very end, I just may let you peek and jerk at the same time. But, by then, will you be able to handle a flash of THIS sexy body??!! Don’t explode too soon!