"I love all your work and hope you continue making us all blow our loads. I wonder how much cum has been shot from your work alone."

Oh, Honey, Did I Do That to You?


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8 July 2016

Oh, sweetie, did I wake you? Oh, what a horrible stepmom I am. hee hee There’s just something I want to talk to you about. I may be a bit slow… or maybe I don’t even make sense. I am so sleepy after a night out on the town with my girlfriends… and maybe still a bit intoxicated. You see, I heard my sweet girl mention something to her girlfriends earlier today.

I think she intends to tease you. You know, like women can. She… well, I think she likes to make you, um, “react” to her teasing. I think she likes to see you, um, “grow uncomfortable.” Do you know what I mean. It’s like this… if she, or any woman, flashed her panties at you like this? Or, gosh, my dress does show too much of my ass when I bend like this, doesn’t it? I’m so sorry! Am I making you uncomfortable, honey?

I just… I just needed to demonstrate to you what the girls may try to do to you. Or is it hearing your stepmom use dirty words that caused that bit of, um, discomfort in your pants? Oh, honey, is it embarrassing that your stepmom noticed your hard on? Would you prefer that I use the clinical terms? Oh, gosh, your penis is just so hard. I better inspect it… oh, it’s oozing! Does it always do that? Should I rub it?

I just want to make it all feel better. Oh, honey, no no no, I can’t suck it. I was only giving you tender kisses down there. I… I’m sorry I touched myself in front of you. Did you like looking at my pussy while I rubbed it? Oh, I better let you get back to sleep, darling, but… we’ll have to “talk” some more about this in the morning. Okay?

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