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"You are so amazingly good at what you do... simply the best on clips4sale, this is why your store is number 1."

Caring for My Overdeveloped StepSon in Every Way I Know How


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22 March 2022

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Oh, dear. Now, honey, I… can’t you see that I’m in the middle of washing the dishes?! Look at me… I’m all covered in suds and soap, up to my elbows in rubber gloves, and I just dropped that darn dish and soaked right through my top! I’m a mess! And you… now, just what is overstimulating you so much the moment you’re home from school??

We might have to talk to the doctor about your condition again. I’m getting exhausted with having to personally take care of your overdeveloped penis. Oh, don’t worry. I’m your stepmom and will take full responsibility of your care. I hope you don’t mind my wet rubber gloves stroking your cock… there’s just no time to take them off when you’re about to explode! I swear you’re growing even BIGGER these days!

Now, I’m going to have to do some shopping, and when I return, I’m going to have you try on some new underwear. Maybe we can control your problem… kind of restrict your movement or help keep the continuous swelling down. I might have to just adjust you for the perfect fit myself and if you grow enormous when my face is just so impossibly close to your cock… well, I’ll just have to use my mouth on you right then and there!

What… you’re growing hard a THIRD time??! Come over here, honey, and stick it in your stepmom quick!! Beware of your extreme size and don’t pound my poor little frame too hard!