"I guess I figured that my request ideas would be interpreted more as compliments and ignored, I didn't expect you to fulfill them so fantastically. I hope that your other fans appreciate them as much as I do."

Shh! We STILL Don’t Want Daddy to Know


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2 March 2021

Well, thank you for the compliments, Honey, but Mommy just needs to finish… oh, dear. Well, when did that happen? Well, you know what to do with an erection, I showed you before. Just go over there and…

You think you need my help?? Well, okay, Honey, if you think so. I’ll do what I showed you but with MY hand, okay? It’s not working?

Well, Honey, didn’t you just hear Daddy call me? We have to be quick. I’ll use my mouth. Now just relax and focus on what Mommy’s doing, okay? Shh!! We don’t want Daddy to know!

Oh, Honey, I’m so sorry, but it looks like I’m going to have to go see what he wants. Now, stay here, and I’ll try to come back as quick as I can okay?

(…”What did you need dear? Oh, stop it. I’m not going to ‘help you’ in the shower. You’re a grown man! Oh, don’t try flattery… oh, does your COCK need my attention? Why in the world… this dress did it?! Okay, okay, but I don’t have much time… I was in the middle of CLEANING!”)

Hi, Honey… you poor dear. You didn’t think you could take care of it while I was gone? Okay, okay… my… my bum? Well, if that’s what caused the erection, yes, you may look at it again. Like this? What if you rub your penis on Mommy’s bum then, Sweetie. Does that help?

Now, I don’t have long. Your father’s still… still waiting for me to finish that ‘project’ with him…