"Besides being incredibly gorgeous, you've got natural acting ability. The scripts are fun and creative. Thank you for doing things right."

Can You Imagine… If You Actually Wanted to Fuck Your Stepmom Right Here and Now


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20 October 2020

It’s so DISGUSTING. Your friend. It’s SO obvious he wants to fuck me. I can see it in his eyes, in the way he looks at me. Like he wants to EAT me.

He just can’t control himself. I bet he was imagining fucking me the entire time he was over and hanging out with you. Since the first moment he laid eyes on me. I didn’t do anything to ask for it. I just happen to be incredibly hot.

I mean, YOU – my stepson – would NEVER stare at my tits. Or wish you could just reach out and grab my curvy ass. YOU have never fantasized about fucking me. Definitely not in the ass.

You’ve never gotten HARD thinking about ME, your stepmom. That would be…. well, YOU would be disgusting. And what would your father think. If he saw you… now… with your cock out… jerking off while imagining yourself fucking my amazing body…