"Beyond your physical ability, you bring a level of passion, creativity and intensity to the roles you play. Your angelic voice and natural appearance on camera are incredibly convincing performance strengths. You are definitely one of a kind in a world of copy cats and wannabes."

The Power of Christ Compelled Me!


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4 October 2018

I feel the deepest regret for your pour soul. The devil himself has overtaken you, mind, body, and soul. Your last hope is for God himself to exorcise you through me and command the demon entity leave your body once and for all. We’ll pray together… and I’ll use my holy water lubrication to set you free.

I will not stop until I’ve done EVERYTHING in my power to save you! I’ll pump that demon right out of your cock, draw him right out in your semen itself… and take it all that devil seed into my own mouth if I have to to ensure that your seed does not go to waste. The Bible reads, “better to cast your seed in the belly of a whore than to spill it on the ground.”

But then… I must pray I can cast out the demon from my own body after consuming your prized load… or I too will succumb to the demon’s lusty powers!