“I can’t put into words how good you are.”

"I can't put into words how good you are."

My Biggest Wish GROWS Out of Hand


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11 October 2022

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No, you don’t understand what I once was… how could you?? I was depressed, anguished, tired of being the brunt of every joke or not even noticed at all. I was tired of never fitting in, being laughed at, and considered completely deformed. I was short… so so short… living in a giant’s world. I was angry, frustrated, ready to just call an end to it all. It’s like my body never even properly developed at all: bad eyesight, a completely flat chest, and hardly any legs to speak of. Everything’s wrong with me!

But what’s this? A gift from my best friend? She’s so swee… what am I supposed to do with this?!? I can’t wear lingerie! I don’t have the body for it! Is she just trying to make me feel even worse?!? I’m desperate… I’m so tired of being made fun of… I’ve only got one thing to try: I’m going to down this mysterious elixir I bought… yes, I’m just going to drink it all down without a second thought.

I have nothing more to lose. If I don’t start growing, I’ll never live through this pitiful life… but…but… I never imagined such an enormous growth spurt, such a transformation, a giantess stature, expanding breasts, developing curves, lengthening fingernails, even growing fangs…. can I adapt to becoming a sexy, hungry, thirsty giant??