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You Got Me Pregnant!


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4 December 2015

It’s so unfair! How did this happen to me?? Oh, don’t give me that look! Yes, of course, it was YOUR fault… your COCK’s fault! I was taking every precaution, but I guess it just wasn’t enough against the effects and desire of your powerful sperm!

One day, I’m enjoying and showing off my bikini body, the one I worked so very hard to obtain, and you’re flirting with me, complimenting me, and even encouraging me to take up modeling. I was going to build a career on that! But I should’ve recognized that twinkle in your eye… YOU wanted me to have a big, round, tight, hard, taut belly!!

I can’t even remember the days of wearing cropped tops and belly shirts, showing off my flat stomach and prancing around in mini skirts. Where is my hot body and perfect curves?? They’ve been exchanged for NEW, bigger, rounder curves in places I didn’t even know I had! I’m swollen all over, about to pop, and there seems to be no end in sight. I’m changing daily, growing bigger, increasingly frustrated as I try to squeeze into my favorite tight fitting clothes with this enormous belly!

And all the while, you’re just looking at me like that: turned on, adoring, infatuated with my changing curves and shape, and so very pleased with yourself. Well, I guess these enormous tits are nice to look at, my hard nipples are definitely calling out for attention, and my swollen pussy lips do feel especially tingly to the touch…

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