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Magic Remote Transforms Trailer Trash to High Society Diva


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6 February 2015

House sitting is such a drag. I mean, they’re my relatives and all but… what is all this weird stuff in their house. Do they think they’re rich or something? Why does anyone need this much stuff? It’s stupid. I think THEY are stupid. I’m so bored! I’d rather pick my nose than hang out at this place. What was that? A knock on the door? Oooh, a package! Who’s this from? It’s… a new remote control.

Well, what in the heck am I supposed to do with this? All these buttons… as if I’m expected to know how to use it. Ridiculous. Maybe there’s something good on t.v. Oh, look at that woman! Ha! She thinks she’s all that! Look at her in that ridiculous fashionable outfit. Is she actually wearing fur? And did she buy those jewels or does she fuck everyone in the city to get them?

But look at her… I can’t hate her. Look at how everyone is looking at her… admiring her. I bet I’d get some real respect if I looked like that. Maybe there’s something better to watch if I can figure out how to use this remote… maybe this button… WHAT THE?!?! Wha… wait! I’m… look at me!

I’m… wow! I look fantastic! Look at these tits! And this hair! Am I… who am I? This fur is so soft… my breasts so luscious… my legs so shapely… is that paparazzi out on my front lawn? Oh, I better strike a pose for them. Hi, boys! Oh, they love it. They want me so bad. I have to look good for the cameras… (and I can’t even remember my former life anymore…)