"I bought yesterday, for the first time, two clips of yours, and all i can say is, these two clips are the best clips i ever seen!"

A Timid Wallflower Transforms into a Bikini Model Desiring to Test Her Feminine Wiles


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4 December 2010

Oh, this poor nerdy young lady in glasses… don’t you feel sorry for her?? She’s destined to be just another wallflower all her life, missing out on all the fun, no social life, and no men will ever want to give her the time of day. She’s so extremely shy, so awkward, so…….NORMAL. How’s she ever going to get the attention she wants or feel like a real woman??

Maybe, just maybe, if she’s clever enough, she can find a way to overcome her own issues and inadequacies… and magically transform her own body as well. What do you think she’d be most inclined to do with such an amazing, sexy, powerful gift??? Why, direct her attentions upon YOU, of course!!