"You are my favorite actress!"

Let’s Play Truth or Dare: There’s Something I Want to Know about You…


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13 September 2009

What are you doing? Were you waiting for me? Hoping to catch a glimpse of me fresh out of the shower? Well, I was actually thinking about you… uh huh. How about playing a little game with me. What do you say? Let’s play a game of Truth or Dare.

I get to go first! I choose truth… do you have a really small penis? You have to tell me!! Oh, no, that’s not what I heard! I don’t believe you. Well, it’s your turn. You dare me to do what? Well, okay, but what’s that little nob poking in your pants right there?

You DO have a tiny dick! You do, you do, you do! It’s my turn now. I DARE you to undress and take off ALL your clothes right here in front of me. …if you do, I’ll take off my robe…