"For a POV video this diligence of yours to understand just what makes us tick makes it feel as if you care so much for us viewers."

It’s All Going to Be Perfectly Fine 2


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1 September 2020

You… DID something to me that day. The whole experience was unnerving enough, but… every day since has been… almost too much to bear.

Here we are… stuck in this house, just the two of us. And what ARE we to do? We only have each other. Things… happen.

I… well, I haven’t been able to control it. I think about YOU, my *son*, each and every day. IN NEW WAYS. But I didn’t come into your room to talk. No.

I came to… show you something. You see, I want to… get you back. I want to give you IMAGES you’ll never be able to get out of your head again. Just like you’ve done to me.