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All You Need Is Me… Forever and Ever


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26 September 2019

I’m so, so sorry… Just pretend it’s all a game. Just trust me. Trust your mother. It all has to be this way. I just have to make you see… make you understand.

I know you’re going to be eighteen soon… you talk about leaving… about getting your own place… about leaving ME. But, honey, I’m your mother. You and I are a team. We’re meant to be together. You’ve been everything since your father left. I love all the affection, all the… well, it was bound to happen. I see you as so much more than just my little boy now. Now, you’re a MAN.

Honey, mommy has a confession to make… I’m sorry for tying your wrists to your bed. I’m afraid that gag has to be in your mouth. I just wanted you to see… wanted you to understand.

Honey, you don’t need to leave, you don’t need what’s out there in the world. All you need is ME. I’ll show you, honey… mommy will make you a man. Mommy can offer you everything you could ever possibly need…

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