"This is one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen! Your voice, your pantyhosed legs, and your gentle movements had me completely entranced and under your spell. You are incredibly beautiful and talented!"

Humiliated at the Tanning Salon for Your Tiny, Sunburned Penis


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13 September 2010

Imagine the worst day of your life. Yes, it would be completely humiliated. Yes, publicly embarrassing as well. Oh, yes, you’d also find yourself completely nude and fully exposed in front of a stranger, a very sexy female stranger. She would find out about your inadequate size. She’d know your big secret.

She’d laugh uncontrollably, point at your pee pee, call it names, humiliate you, and make you feel tinier and tinier. All because you wanted to mask your little problem by going to the tanning salon in attempt to improve your physical appearance. There’s no covering up where you “come up short,” you know. The sexy stranger is going to find out… very, very soon.