“I never had fantasies until I found you.”

"I never had fantasies until I found you."

Humiliating You through Your Final Ejaculation and Court Mandated Castration


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24 April 2015

Save your breath. This is going to happen! You’ve been found guilty in a court of law. No use in professing your perceived innocence now. It’s too late. The orderlies have already strapped you down, I’m prepped for surgery, and my scalpel is in hand… it’s all over.

And… look what we have here! Is this what you committed that horrible crime with? This teeny weeny tiny dinky penis? Nurse! Look at this! Even my male orderlies are laughing at you. I’ve never seen such a small piece of equipment. It might actually be difficult to grab ahold of it to conduct a clean castration.

Hmmm… well, this is goodbye to your manhood. Let me just reveal your wife and accuser behind the witness curtain here… ah, there we go. Pure public humiliation. Now, you’re feeling the true weight of your crimes, aren’t you! Everyone is watching, everyone is laughing, and now, I’m… well, considering this is the last you’ll ever see of your tiny tool, I wonder if you’d come if I first fondled your little dinky doo… yep, you just erupted all over yourself! Nurse!! Clean this up. It’s time for surgery…