"Thank you for contributing so much solid work to your art form. I really find it fascinating what you do."

I Have the Perfect Punishment in Mind for your Crimes


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19 January 2012

Ah ha! You thought you could actually just waltz right into my own home and take anything you wanted? I can’t wait to ask you later if it was all worth it. Ha! Oh, stop fidgeting. I only have you tied up for the moment. You just woke from a sleep spell.

Oh, yes. I’m a witch! You picked the WRONG house to break into! I have many more powers and spells as well. I’ve had to devise the perfect punishment for you… something nice and permanent to teach you a serious lesson. You won’t be able to forget it, because you’ll forever BE it!! ha ha!

Let’s see… what exactly should I do with you? Something to truly torment you… I’ll tell you just why I’ve thought against turning you into this or that and what I’ve settled on… and I’ll SHOW you just why the final verdict, your ultimate transformation, will cause you so much agony for the rest of your life! You won’t be able to bare the infinite teasing and taunting!