"I have sampled a number of MI videos from other actresses. Your voice is natural and has an extra "knowing" edge that never becomes cynical. This is a rare thing."

Thinking with Your Dick? Then You’ll Be Treated to a Trick!


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10 October 2011

I’m so surprised you men haven’t yet learned that it’s not always best to think with your “little head.” Think twice who you make erotic remarks to or flirt with…. she may just be a witch! It’s not my job to teach you boys lessons but… well, sometimes it’s just fun to!

I’ll always notice when you whistle at the view of me. And I DO know where you live! I just might invite myself over; I know you’ll open the door for me. I won’t deny you the opportunity to learn just how powerful I – and my erotic magic – are. I happen to know a spell that will drive YOU crazy! Like thinking with your dick? How about a permanent hard-on?!

Well, that is… until I get so turned on by your prominent size and unbelievable hardness that I find my spell went wrong… I can’t be perfect. And when I get turned on by your impressive equipment and start to tease and play with you… your dick actually grows SMALLER! Oops. What a vicious cycle of tease we’re about to begin… for both of us!