"I am in awe of you... hence I am sending a request that, if made, may give me a heart attack, but what a way to go."

You’re the Last Man Alive for a Few More Agonizing Moments


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11 October 2018

I can’t believe you’ve escaped me all this time. Look at you, huddled inside your self-made circle of protection, even quivering and shaking at the sudden sight of me. You knew this day would come.

I thought I’d taken care of the last man remaining years ago, but here you are: the very last man alive. I cannot carry out my plan until you are ALL gone. One by one, I’ve seduced and destroyed all of you… you’re the only one remaining. For now.

Oh, don’t feel too confident with your amateur knowledge of magic and my own devious ways. I don’t even have to lure you outside of the circle this time to ensnare you. I’ve been known to insight massive strokes and even heart failure with the sight of my breasts alone.

You’re already eyeing my bewitching cleavage. My power is already making its mark. Go ahead and stroke… stroke to your doom… and I’ll toy with and tease you until I reveal the vision of my witch tits, and it’s ALL over. Ah, I love the sound of a heartbeat flatlining…