“Your audios are a great addition to your library!”

"Your audios are a great addition to your library!"

The Mysterious Seduction of StepMom Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde


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8 February 2022

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Little did I know how dangerous my little notion was… I only wanted to relax a bit, some stress relief, a way to wind down… something to reward me for all my hard work day in and day out. This little old lady recommended some incense… “aromatherapy” to give me just what I needed. How did she know what I needed… or wanted? She asked me so many questions, all about my work and family, and I ended up telling her all about my handsome stepson.

At home, I stared into the candle flame and watched the time pass by, pondering that strange experience, my stepson’s impending weekend visit, and… just why I was beginning to feel different… too relaxed, a bit horny, turned on and even devious. I was thinking way too much about my stepson, his toned body and how sweet and innocent he is. I was distracted from… well, being my real self, at least, what I thought was my real self. I had no idea what was coming over me, how I was transforming, thanks to my exuberance and overuse of this new incense, into StepMom Jekyll: a devious, sex-crazed, stepson-obsessed MILF.

No more sweet housewife. I was after just one thing: relentlessly teasing my stepson with every part of my body from feet to legs to ass, breasts, and pussy until I face-humped and fingered myself to orgasm time and time again… getting my own release while driving him to the absolute brink. I left him with my panties… he’ll manage to come on his own and give that hard cock of his relief, I’m sure. As for me, when the magic of the evening wears off, it all feels like one, hot taboo dream…