"You must be the sexiest woman on the planet."

You’re Required to Put on your Best CFNM Masturbation Show Yet for an Audience


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15 June 2010

Oh, you’ve been such a good student… exercising that cock for me during one training session after another. You’ve perfected every masturbation technique that I’ve taught you, demonstrated them for me one by one through all of our sessions together. You’re so obedient, even when I ask you to strip to nude right in front of me and put on a little show for my own pleasure. Now, I want to reward you.

I have something special in mind for my favorite student and #1 wanker. I want you to perform for me yet again. I want you to show off all of those varied techniques and jerking styles and methods you’ve learned. I’m going to call them out to you, remind you just how to fulfill each request, sometimes dictate your speed and more, even call out your strokes myself. Mmmmm… I’m getting turned on just thinking about being in control of your masturbation session!

And you know you must not come until I give you permission, exactly when I dictate, after you’ve performed a satisfactory show. Oh, and you wont’ just be performing for me. No, that’s my special surprise for you. You’re going to strip down for my gorgeous girlfriend as well as me… fully exposing yourself, showing off your hard cock, and demonstrating every technique you’ve learned. We’ll be critiquing your show the entire time, sometimes giggling, sometimes disappointed, and ALWAYS asking for more!

Now, be sure to put on a great show. You have to make us BOTH very pleased if you want to be allowed to come for the grand finale. Now, let the show begin!!