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Your Erection Problems Make You an Ideal Fluffy Boy for Your Mom’s Hot Friends


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15 September 2009

Hi… Your sexy mom told me I could find you here. You’re cute! She’s told me and all her hot girlfriends so much about you… ha ha ha! Oh, she has some great stories! She fills our ears all the time, and we laugh and laugh… Is it true? You have a little problem getting a hard on? Can’t keep it for longer than a single minute? Wow! That must be horrible.

Well, there’s something we all wanted to ask you… You would make such a perfect fluffy boy! Do you know what that is? Oh, you would get all the kisses, cuddles, and intimacy from all of us hot ladies whenever you need it… you can touch us, smell us, but NEVER have sex with us. Your job would be to worship us head to toe! Yes, and jerk your cock for us whenever we ask. Want to be our fluffy boy?

Then, get down on your knees and jerk if for me right now! Yes, right here… and sniff my sexy feet. Yes, smell them good, get right between my toes! Worship my feet and make that soft cock come for me. Prove you can be our perfect fluffy boy!